The Valleys

- The next morning the party wake to find their companions gone.
They decide against following the advice, and head down into the valley to see what had happened.

When they get there, there is utter destruction. The village is on fire, there is blood and guts smeared everywhere, and no one has been left alive. Actually, pretty much no one has been left in one piece. Turns out (after Felsprocket wracks is brain for mentions of these guys through history) that there is word of these guys being around and being cannibals.

- Making their way through the village quickly, they steal a few (clean) pieces of equipment and continue into the valleys.

-In the first valley it’s very green, there is no fire or smoke from settlements, but lots and lots of deer. They catch a few, and make camp after dealing with their food stores.

- Moving into the next valley they encounter an ugly little kobold. While that one little kobold wasn’t particularly threatening they had the feeling that they were being watched and probably in more danger than they realised. They discover that the kobold live in a camp that belongs to Lord Rasptar, a dragon who lives on top of the mountain). The kobold doesn’t let the party leave, and while asking the kobold to explain his meaning further Lalli SHOUTS AT HIM very loudly and explodes his face…. a battle then ensues with all the other kobolds who had been hiding in the forest.

The party wins. Barely. Felsprocket being in a fever dream in the back of Lalli’s bag didn’t really help.
The party rests and then will head into the next valley (and the rebel camp).



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