Information is sketchy about this encounter, but legend has it that the party staged an epic battle on the banks of the mystic lake from Lalli’s dream here. Grovulak (aka Man Mountain) had joined the party to fulfill is love of fighting.
The giants and men were killed epically in an epic battle filled with epicness. Epic.

One of the men tried to cut and run, but Felsprocket and Man Mountain (who both have incredible stamina it seems) ran up the mountains and caught him.

They head back to the rebel camp to claim their prize and train.
They talk to the scary people in the corner of the bar who turn out to be the Bridge Burners… rather scary people who help them heal the guy they caught by the lake. He doesnt tell them anything interesting though, so they end up killing him anyway.

They get some things ID’d by an old crazy man in a hut.



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