Previously in D&D; Felsprocket and Bryag are trapped in the camp, Lalli, Katrina and Tanith are attempting a rescue mission. Lalli is attempting to cause a diversion with the aid of horses.

- With the help of Tanith (who does most of the work) Lalli is able to calm down half the horses on the loose around the camp.
- Meanwhile, inside the tent, Tanith sneak attacks one guard and kills him.
Felsprocket kills another guard with the Flames of Phlagos.
Katrina uses Burning Hands to kill the 3rd guard, while the locks on the cage containing Fesprocket and Bryag are picked and they are released.
The remaining guards are killed by group effort, and everyone shouts ‘huzzah!’.

-Lalli distracts the guards by letting the hores loose again (by pretending to stuff up).
- The rest of the party attempts to escape by burning a large hole through the wooden walls.
- Lalli almost gets trampled by the horses, but through amazing feats of acrobatics manages to escape being killed. The horese begin to head back to the corral.

- The party is faced with a hole that is still burning around the edges, so they decide to stuff Patsy (their captured guard) into the hole. He smells delicious….
- Lalli lets the horses loose AGAIN provindg cover for the others to escape.
The horses get tired and head back to the corral.
Impressed for some reason, the man in charge of camp allows Lalli to go find Katrina so that she can service the men….. (suggestive eyebrow wriggle) He doesn’t return.

- The party meets up at the fishing village and heads to the capital. It’s too late to see Burt so the party goes to the lodgings.
- Everyone but Felsprocket goes to the Gamblin’ Goblin. It’s a silly place.

Revolutionary group is the moutain. Go and register alliance/allegiance/thingie.

The party grabs equipment and heads off into the moutains.

As they’re walking it begins to rain and they will have a very wet night.

They happen across another group of travellers in the forest. 2 men (George and Alfred) sheltering under what appears to be 2 rocks. The party approaches the men and make a joke about wouldn’t it be funny if the rocks were actually alive… The rocks laugh at this. Turns out they’re 2 giants (Grognak and Nakgrog).
Lalli uses Words of Friendship, and Felsprocket tells them an awesome story that they seem to enjoy, and they allow the party to stay with them by the fire that night.
However they warn the party not to follow them the next day… they’re heading into a village down in the valley, and…. it won’t be pretty.



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