Gauvlak's History

1 year previous to meeting the party, Gauvlak is in his hometown….

His hometown is in the deep mountains, far from human civilisation. It has an inviting name – the Serpent’s Bite. It’s hard to say why they don’t have more visitors really.

The Kingdom of Fermer has sent a diplomat into the mountains to ask for recruitments for the upcoming war. After refusing, Fermer then sends military to force the issue. Gauvlak, being the leader of the group refusing to join, has his fiancee killed in retribution.

Gauvlak (later known as Man Mountain [MM]) develops a taste for violencee (in retaliation) and while he feels like he’s doing the right thing, other people view him to be turning towards evil.
He leaves the mountains and then discovers how much bigger the world is than he’d ever known before…. He’s trying to figure out his village’s place in this wider world. He starts to realise that the world outside his village is a very different place
As he’s running away from the village he enters a cave, makes a fire and falls asleep. He’s dreaming about all the things that have happened to his village when suddenly he hears a ‘RAWWARRR’ and he wakes to find a Drake licking his feet… perhaps tasting him? The drake had entered the cave when he was sleeping, and is pretty pissed off since MM is in his home.

MM wakes up, but because the drake isn’t moving (and is therefore invisible) he doesn’t make a move. He stands up and the drake attacks. A small fight ensues until MM takes a flaming branch and hits him in the eye.

Leaving the cave MM heads into a village.
He spends some time here, and he begins to lose his love of life, respect for the world and wonder of the universe. Basically, he stops being a country-bumpkin and develops hatred and selfishness. He’s living on the outskirts of town, trying to be treated as a person but he’s treated as close to rubbish. The town is completely biggoted and stuck up, and makes life incredibly hard and isolating for him. He can only find menial jobs that pay almost nothing.
He gets a job at a Ferret Breeders mucking out the cages, and he develops a hatred for all ferrets as a result.
He manages to stick it out there for 3 months before he starts having nightmares about the murder of his village again. His feelings start to intensify as he starts to progresses through the stages of grief. Entering the rage, and being isolated by this town and the uncaring nature of it’s people, he turns further towards being manipulating. What is the point of just living a good life, if bad things happen to good people? Better instead to try and get what you want out of the world without giving back. Just take.

A few months later it’s the end point.
He ends up getting into a fight with the owner of the Ferret Breeders. His boss asks his to work longer hours, but ends up paying the same amount of money. Flying into a rage, MM goes home and immediately starts plotting the Ferret Breeder’s imminent death. He goes into work the next day and poisons all the ferrets. The boss comes to take a look and as he does so, MM hits him over the back of the head with a shovel. By this stage MM has completely lost the realms of reality and he cuts off all the ferret’s legs and uses them to cut the boss up pretty badly.
Leaving, and taking all the ferret parts with him, he knows it will look like the ferrets escaped from their cages and killed the boss.

MM is angry, he’s lonely, and has no love for anyone in the world. He’s discovered that he’s strong and can kill. It’s all downhill from there….
MM leaves the town.

He travels to the capital because he feels like the place with the most amount of people and things happening, is the place where he has the most chance to start over again.

As soon as he walks in through the city gate he feels like something is not right. It feels like there is a lot of tension in this town which shouldn’t be normal, even for a city of this size. It seems like people walk with someone hanging over the heads, darkening their days. They don’t talk to each other, hurrying from job to job without the usual banter and chitchat which would be found in market places and city streets.
He shrugs it off – after all it’s the first time he’s been in the capital, and only the 2nd time he’s been in a city.

He heads to the local bar, The Ghost Squirrel, and talks to the bartender about rumours that are going through the city. He hears that the king is basically crazy (in not so many words). MM asks about the possibility of work and is told about an old woman who makes bread who may need a delivery person.

As he’s working delivering bread he starts to notice that the tension in the town is coming from packs of military walking around the city streets. He sees military everywhere, especially in crowded places, and it makes the people nervous. People don’t stay out to enjoy themselves, they go out and get their job done, and head back home. Kind of like living in London. People watching everywhere, no fun anywhere.

MM tries to talk to the people he’s delivering bread to, but he’s shut out as people refuse to chit-chat to him. But it’s different from the last town where he was picked out for being different. This time it’s happening to everyone. No one wants to be seen as ‘talking’ or ‘planning’…

He discovers that the town is offically under some type of lockdown after dark – you have to head home, can’t be hanging around. There’s no carousing in the local bars, no laughing or fighting. Nothing going on. At all.

He learns, by talking to the bartender at the Ghost Squirrel, the only person who will talk to him, about the situation in the town.

He begins to dream again, and realises that the military he sees around town is the same military as the people who had come to his village and slaughtered them. He begins to grow rage inside again as he realises he’s found the people who killed his people.

He talks again to the bartender at the Ghost Squirrel, and learns that the military is from the Kingdom of Fermer. He asks for more information about what’s going on in the town since there’s no war going on, and learns more about how the crazy king wants to start a war with the Kingdom of Antio. Rumour has it that the king is recruiting from all throughout the kingdom, and without. The bartender tells him that people are still talking about the rumour of the military slaughtering an entire village up in the Northen Goliath Tribelands…… he knows of course exactly what the bartender is talking about and is raging inside, although he’s holding it together in order to gain more information.

He questions if there is any resistance forming to this military presence, and the bartender tells him of a rumour about a rebellion forming and their encampment is somewhere to the East in the Wildlands……….

His mind is set. He now knows what he has to do… He heads East to where he thinks this camp might be.


Information is sketchy about this encounter, but legend has it that the party staged an epic battle on the banks of the mystic lake from Lalli’s dream here. Grovulak (aka Man Mountain) had joined the party to fulfill is love of fighting.
The giants and men were killed epically in an epic battle filled with epicness. Epic.

One of the men tried to cut and run, but Felsprocket and Man Mountain (who both have incredible stamina it seems) ran up the mountains and caught him.

They head back to the rebel camp to claim their prize and train.
They talk to the scary people in the corner of the bar who turn out to be the Bridge Burners… rather scary people who help them heal the guy they caught by the lake. He doesnt tell them anything interesting though, so they end up killing him anyway.

They get some things ID’d by an old crazy man in a hut.


After Felsprocket awakes from his fevered dream (with some new keys in his possession) the party moves into the next valley where they encounter the Rebel camp. They head to the Beaver’s Fork (bar) to find some shady looking characters in the corner, and meet Alfonso, a soldier, who tells them some information about the place.

After meeting with Hebus/Jebus/Jesus/Head Guy they are given the task of going and killing the kobolds, and also the Hill Giants (who slaughtered the village that provides the camp with supplies).

The party is joined by Dwayne the Dwarf who will help them with the kobolds.

After a firey and epic battle with the kobolds, loot is taken (a 200 year old gold dragon statue made by Grimlock the Chisel) and they head back into camp.

The Valleys

- The next morning the party wake to find their companions gone.
They decide against following the advice, and head down into the valley to see what had happened.

When they get there, there is utter destruction. The village is on fire, there is blood and guts smeared everywhere, and no one has been left alive. Actually, pretty much no one has been left in one piece. Turns out (after Felsprocket wracks is brain for mentions of these guys through history) that there is word of these guys being around and being cannibals.

- Making their way through the village quickly, they steal a few (clean) pieces of equipment and continue into the valleys.

-In the first valley it’s very green, there is no fire or smoke from settlements, but lots and lots of deer. They catch a few, and make camp after dealing with their food stores.

- Moving into the next valley they encounter an ugly little kobold. While that one little kobold wasn’t particularly threatening they had the feeling that they were being watched and probably in more danger than they realised. They discover that the kobold live in a camp that belongs to Lord Rasptar, a dragon who lives on top of the mountain). The kobold doesn’t let the party leave, and while asking the kobold to explain his meaning further Lalli SHOUTS AT HIM very loudly and explodes his face…. a battle then ensues with all the other kobolds who had been hiding in the forest.

The party wins. Barely. Felsprocket being in a fever dream in the back of Lalli’s bag didn’t really help.
The party rests and then will head into the next valley (and the rebel camp).


Previously in D&D; Felsprocket and Bryag are trapped in the camp, Lalli, Katrina and Tanith are attempting a rescue mission. Lalli is attempting to cause a diversion with the aid of horses.

- With the help of Tanith (who does most of the work) Lalli is able to calm down half the horses on the loose around the camp.
- Meanwhile, inside the tent, Tanith sneak attacks one guard and kills him.
Felsprocket kills another guard with the Flames of Phlagos.
Katrina uses Burning Hands to kill the 3rd guard, while the locks on the cage containing Fesprocket and Bryag are picked and they are released.
The remaining guards are killed by group effort, and everyone shouts ‘huzzah!’.

-Lalli distracts the guards by letting the hores loose again (by pretending to stuff up).
- The rest of the party attempts to escape by burning a large hole through the wooden walls.
- Lalli almost gets trampled by the horses, but through amazing feats of acrobatics manages to escape being killed. The horese begin to head back to the corral.

- The party is faced with a hole that is still burning around the edges, so they decide to stuff Patsy (their captured guard) into the hole. He smells delicious….
- Lalli lets the horses loose AGAIN provindg cover for the others to escape.
The horses get tired and head back to the corral.
Impressed for some reason, the man in charge of camp allows Lalli to go find Katrina so that she can service the men….. (suggestive eyebrow wriggle) He doesn’t return.

- The party meets up at the fishing village and heads to the capital. It’s too late to see Burt so the party goes to the lodgings.
- Everyone but Felsprocket goes to the Gamblin’ Goblin. It’s a silly place.

Revolutionary group is the moutain. Go and register alliance/allegiance/thingie.

The party grabs equipment and heads off into the moutains.

As they’re walking it begins to rain and they will have a very wet night.

They happen across another group of travellers in the forest. 2 men (George and Alfred) sheltering under what appears to be 2 rocks. The party approaches the men and make a joke about wouldn’t it be funny if the rocks were actually alive… The rocks laugh at this. Turns out they’re 2 giants (Grognak and Nakgrog).
Lalli uses Words of Friendship, and Felsprocket tells them an awesome story that they seem to enjoy, and they allow the party to stay with them by the fire that night.
However they warn the party not to follow them the next day… they’re heading into a village down in the valley, and…. it won’t be pretty.

Lalli Dreams of Naked People

Lalli rolls over in his sleep. Naked. He’s sleeping naked. He scratches himself. Everywhere.
But suddenly, somehow, he finds himself in an empty bar. He’s playing his lute and every time he plays a note a person appears and then as the sound fades the person disappears. Strange, but not altogether unlikely and so he’s unsure if it’s a dream.
He plays around with lute and various people appear and disappear, some from his past who were Men. Capital M. He looked up to them. He think to himself ‘ I’d like to be like those Manly Men’. An ObiwanKeYoda voice comes down through the ceiling and prompts Lalli to find out how to be a Man.
‘I gotta get out of this bar!!’ Lalli exclaims.
Lalli heads outside into a mist. He walks towards a bright light in the distance until he finds an intimidating shadow. He questions the state of intimidating-ness until he’s satisfied that he is weirded out more than scared….
He figures he should probably fight the figure (to be Manly) and greets it. The figure asks him some questions, mostly about ‘who are you’ and other existentialist questions. Lalli gives him a background story but the figure is unimpressed… it’s not about his past, it should be about his future.
Lalli’s not sure what it is he should be doing apart from following Bert Cumberpatch’s instructions. After some more questioning Lalli realises that what he really wants to do is to Fuck Things Up. Including Wenches.
The shadowy figure admits that yes, the Great Lute of Poontang would indeed help Lalli achieve his goal.
‘Whoah! Is that REAL?!” Lalli’s eyes light up.
‘It’s real, and it can be found where this horse takes you…..’ (whoosh!) a slightly devilish steed appears. It’s actually a NightMare, looks slightly insane and firey. The shadowy figure picks Lalli up (Lalli wriggles amusingly) and places him on the NightMare’s back.
The NightMare takes off, making the mist catch on fire behind them. Lalli uses his powerful thigh muscles to stay on. The suddenly appear out of the mist, and it’s now dark. Riding up a valley he realises it looks very similar to the valley they had just been riding up in the real world. He rides up the first valley and Lalli is a little confused…. he rides into the second valley, and onto the glacier… the glacier melts in the presence of the Night Mare leaving a trail of steam behind them. He continues out through the valley where the rebel camp is, and out through the other side. The NightMare reaches the valley and throws him off his back.
It’s pitch black and once the NightMare disappears he can see the stars. Oooh pretty.
On the other side of a big lake is a big black castle. The lake acts like a moat, and the water is pitch black with steam and bubbles… bubbling. Lalli takes out his sword and dips it into the lake, and as he pulls it up out of the water it droops like it’s all melted. ‘Ahh! ‘ he shakes it out so it’s mostly straight again.
He looks around for some stones or a bridge or somesuch and sees a drawbridge and tower. He approaches cautiously. Adamant on the cautious-ness.
There’s ten or so big mushroom shaped stones out to the gatehouse which he navigates with ease. The front doors of the gatehouse are hanging off their hinges, and so Lalli enters and out the other side onto a very rickety ‘pre-steamed’ drawbridge.
He gets across ok and reaches a big tower on the other side and he tries to open the door but it’s firmed closely. Not wait. It’s closed firmly. He kicks the door and he cries out in pain, and as he does Tanith appears.
‘Err… where I am I? And why don’t you have any clothes on?’
“Never mind that! I’m pretty sure you’re in this dream so that you can pick this door! Pick it!”
Tanith glares. “ I have no clothes!! Where do you think my lock picking kit is kept?”
She goes back to the previous tower where apparently Lalli had seen her clothes, and comes back to successfully pick the lock.
They enter the tower and there’s a set of curved stairs leading upwards. They decide to start walking up the tower’s stairs. Beams of light pierce the darkness, and when they reach the next platform they see there are no longer any stairs leading upwards, although there once were.
Lalli decides to climb the holes in the stone where the stairs used to be, and comes up against a trapdoor which is closed. He headbutts the trapdoor and it opens most of the way making room for him to climb through.
Its an old Alchemist’s Laboratory with lots of glass tubes, and paraphernalia. He doesn’t understand why he knows it, but he knows that it’s materials to turn urine and lead into gold. Yep. So desu. Lalli pisses into a flask, and he watches it flow through pipes and tubes and bubbling flasks until it turns into a weird pink crystal at the end. He smells it. He tries to get Tanith to eat it, but she refuses.
Anyway… most interesting is a lute hanging on the wall. It has amazing harmonics and he knows it would be powerful.
He reaches towards it, …. and wakes up. He notices that his scimitar is hot and a bit wobbly, and also that he’s pissed himself.

Tanith`s Dream: Mikka disappears

Tanith finds himself on a plain, with clouds blowing fiercely across.
in the distance there is a meadow. recognized as a place he has been before.
sees a flash of a wolf pack in the meadow.
pile of rocks to see whats the wolves are doing
know what he is doing, seem to communicate with their brains

when called they scatter, then one returns.
stopped about 200m away, but when Tanith drops down the wolf is much closer.
knows what he is saying, but cant respond, motions to follow.

walk through the forest, wolves pace with her.
strange rocks look like limestone, or sandstone, but much harder.
establish that yes and no questions are okay.

rocks are a geyser of glassy stone-ness
wolf leads him to a barrel of stone (like a big wave)
it and all the wolves howl… and howl and howl, and flames burst from the mouths of the wolves and it joins in to a flaming ferret (like Mikka)

as they descend into the cave, bees swarm from the back of the cave… something is wrong with them, but they may not attack.

Tanith hides, and the bees pass and the wolves disappear, Tanith goes through the tunnel and meets a Roc, who is cryptic and aggravating. some distance has been traveled and Tanith finds himself facing the sea with mountains behind him.
he walks down to the sand dunes, and the Roc rises from sea, and lets Tanith ride on his back.
The Roc flaps its wings and reality is blown away. they fly through the air and travel for sometime and distance, then land in the same place, but now Tanith has a direction and purpose to find Mikka. He finds himself in a forest, that feels really familiar. Very similar to his home, but the ambiance is dead, it is memory only.
The wolf reappears. and motions for Tanith to follow.
comes to a clearing where Tanith met Mikka, the Roc returns now smaller and the size of the wolf.
“wheres Mikka?”
“Prove yourself”

Tanith tries to recall what he had been doing and sits down on a rock and listens to the forest but it is silent.
understands that he must follow his own path but needs Mikka`s help.
Wolf is convinced, Roc not.
Roc changes in to Tanith`s father, armed with ill intent.
Meadow feels to large to escape from.
“how did you find me?”
father says nothing and moves towards him.
“I`m not going back”
Father is unmoved, and keeps approaching.
Tanith flails and says “I`m not going”
Father pummel strikes him and is going to execute him.
Tanith rolls away and hits his father, he drops his sword, and Tanith moves away, and the father grabs him, he escapes and casts Avenging Light. knocked to the ground, Tanith takes his sword and is about to kill him and asks him again “what do you want from me?” casting Avenging Light again, blasting him down to his face, Tanith asks again “what do you want?” the wolves come close and motion that Tanith should kill him. Tanith refuses. His father returns to the shape of the Roc and it and the wolf leave. moments later Mikka returns.

Tanith wakes to Felsproket`s scream of “KOBOLDS!”

Felsprocket`s Fever Dream

- Felsprocket had been unconscious, convulsing and a rather odd colour in Lalli`s bag…

- Felsprocket wakes to find himself in a misty forest and sees a figure in the distance. He approaches a shadowy figure in the distance who turns out to be Jaspar, a woman with long dark hair.

- She seems rather unimpressed by his stature and so Felsprocket intimdates her by calling up dual fireballs that burst into columns and incinerate the ENTIRE F’$%ing FOREST until all that remains is the charred remains of tree stumps and the chimney stack of her former home. Slightly intimidated, and pissed that her home is destroyed now, she asks him what information he seeks…

- Felsprocket asks for information about obtaining a demon minion, and is told that there is a magic artifact he must find. It is an artifact from gnomish origin, the Gelthrung, and it can be found on the Shadowfell.

- Felsprocket heads to the nearby town of Asagao to seek someone who knows more information. Jaspar points him in the direction of the tavern were he finds the oldest man in the universe sitting alone.

- The man is insane and deaf and doesnt seem to be much use at all. Intimidation fails, but Felsprocket watches the things that the old man is drawing on the counter and discerns a map amoung the patterns. Its a map to the place where this item he seeks will be found. Jaspar is commanded to lead the Tiny Master to the mountains on the map. As they are leaving, the old man calls to Felsprocket wait! you forgot something!. He turns back to find a pouch sitting on the counter containing 6 bones. He remembers that these bones are actually keys to the Shadowfell to be used in various ways… Thank God the meeting with the old man is over since he was slightly infuriating.

- The 6 keys are all represented by different aspects of Felsprocket himself.

- Felsprocket and Jaspar start the walk towards the Windy Valley, towards the mountains where the item will be.
They come to a fork in the path and Jaspar requires that Felsprocket chooses the path. He chooses the path up into the mountains rather than the :easy: path to the left.

- They walk for a while until they find a hill that looks somewhat like a face. Felsprocket approaches cautiously and is told a story by Jaspar about giants that used to roam this country but who have not been seen for a great many years.

- He approaches the giant and shouts a greeting. Its MASSIVE, but he demands information from it
anyway are we really surprised?. The giant gives some curious answers and Felsprocket begins to wonder about the realm in which he stands… is it corporeal?
Felsprocket realises that the giant he is speaking to is one of the giants that the group had met previously in the mountains, and that the bar was the same as the one they had previously visited. The old man was his great-grandfather, and Jaspar is the apprentice from when he was in the Crimson Tower.
Felsprocket becomes a poet `this place is a patchwork quilt of my memories…`

- The Tiny Master starts to suspect that the dream realm is being manipulated from someone on the outside world, but he knows not who. He has a lovely little existential chat with the giant, and then he and Jaspar continue up the hill.

- Moving with purpose now he sets off across the mountains, but he gets the sensation that someone is pushing him back or changing his course. He started questioning Jaspar about why she was still there….
She explained that she was a part of his consciousness that he couldnt let go. He had left her as an apprentice but he assured her that she had been trained well and could look after herself in the real world. With that reassurance, she disappeared, and Felsprocket felt a small part of himself feel more at ease.

- He continues and the mountains seem to have changed and it seems like he can concentrate on it more. There is still a wrongness and he heads towards it, still with the feeling that someone else is in control of the dream.

- He sees a figure on the mountain and he knows with certainty that the wrongness is because of that person. Felsprocket approaches and accuses the cloaked figure of not belonging in the realm.

The figure begins speaking about demons and states that Felsprocket needs his help to obtain one.
Felsprocket claims that he is worthy as he has shattered the dream illusion and found the keys, but the figure replies `you have not yet escaped….`
… to which Felsprocket shouts `DEFEAT HIM!!`. … a fight ensues.


- The smoke clears at the figure stands there revealed as a skeleton. Impressed, but not defeated.

- Felsprocket becomes demanding and whiney. He becomes intimidating, and while the skeleton is not actually intimidated he is impressed at Felsprocket`s efforts. Felsprocket starts showing off all his skills and the skeleton seems mildly impressed (although certainly not by his stature).

- The skeleton deems Felsprocket knowledgeable and on his way towards learning the skills required to be a demon master, but no cigar as yet.

- At this point Felsprocket wakes up and finds himself in the middle of the group`s camp while they are cooking breakfast. He wakes with a jolt and yells `KOBOLDS!!!!` Mikka bites him in mild surprise.

- Felsprocket tries to incinerate Mikka and fails.

- He looks at the keys and is disappointed to see that theyre all the same size… the old man truly was annoying. So was Felsprocket`s grandfather, so its not really that surprising.
The Tiny Master starts to try and figure out which key is the first.

Raiders in Roville - It All Begins
Raiders have attacked Roville during the night and the party finds themselves separated.
  1. Lalli, Katrina, and Tanith ask for details in Roville’s K’orea Town. Katrina is told by the K’orean abalone-diving women that the raiders attacked town because the Mayor of Roville, Katrina’s father, chose to support the “wrong side”.
  2. The whereabouts of Bryag and Felsproket are currently unknown.
  3. Tanith stole some abalone.
The party of 3 head to City Hall via the Cannery and Rong Beach.
  1. The Canneryfolk are trying to recover from the raid and get back to canning.
  2. Rong Beach is more torn-up than usual. The raiders burnt large portions of it.
  3. Arriving at City Hall, the party of 3 speak to the mayor’s secretary. She’s of no help, but seems interested in Tanith — who is terrified.
  4. The Mayor says that it was the House of Westril that attacked using goons gathered from small towns. The Mayor is supporting the House of Amer in return for a castle and his new secretary. The state of town being assessed. There has been no word from Maribu.
The party heads to Maribu. It has been leveled with the exception of the Mayor’s Wife’s (MW) house.
  1. The guards are in shock.
  2. The MW’s house has seen a lot of traffic. Conchetta tell the party that the raiders din’t plan to take anyone, but did anyway. The MW was nailed by a bunch of the raiders cuz she’s a big ol’ ho. The raiders were about 300 horsemen strong as well as a number of recruited villagers from outlying towns. The raiders took all of the young women between the ages of 16 and 24 as well as some men.
  3. The raiders destroyed Maribu because the mayor is from there. The MW’s house wasn’t destroyed because she was “busy”.
  4. Tanith steals a kitchen knife.
The party returns to City Hall.
  1. Some of the captured raiders were interrogated. The party learns which direction the raiders came from and receive a general description of the recruiter.
  2. The party fails to acquire horses from the mayor, but Lalli was able to backdoor the secretary.
The party leaves Roville and follows the raiders’ tracks to a small fishing village.
  1. The party learns from the village elder that the raiders have set up a camp outside the town. The man in charge was Sir Hartochat, son of the Earl of Paib.
  2. Lalli goes to the Han Walen music store to have his lute repaired in exchange for the stolen abalone. The owner of the store, Edvard “Whammy Bar” Walen, lends Lalli his enchanted lute to use in the meantime.
  3. The party goes to the town bar, which is also run by the village elder. Lalli recounts The Battle of the Stairway to Inifikeep to the elder while Katrina and Tanith interpret it through dance. There was much rejoicing.
  4. Lalli returns the enchanted lute to “Whammy Bar” and receives his repaired lute. The party leaves for the raiders’ camp.
At the Camp:
  1. Tanith’s familiar, Mikka, scouts the camp and confirms the capture of Felsproket and Bryag. The two are emprisoned in 4ft X 4ft cages.
  2. Mikka then bites one of the horses in the corral, provoking it to flip the fuck out and throw that portion of the camp into disarray.
  3. Lalli and Katrina walk through the front gate of camp during the confusion. Lalli asks the guards if he can join the raiders because the Mayor of Roville is the jerk-face who killed his dad. Katrina offers to sleep with the guards.
  4. The guards will allow Lalli to join if he can calm down the horses.
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