The Crown Jewels

The Crown, Rod, and Orb of The Kingdom of Fermer.


These items are Priceless, and bestow rulership over The Kingdom of Fermer


The Rod of Fermer represents the King’s Right to state violence, and it is a rod of cast iron 45cm long and 4cm in diameter. It is inlaid with silver. It is rumored that when the King abuses the power granted by the Rod, it begins to rust and flakes fall from it like leaves in autum.

The Crown of Fermer represents the King’s Right to rule and promelgate law, it is a simple band of silver about 5cm in hight. Recently, the Lords of the Court have noticed that the Crown has become increasingly tarnished even as the Commoners have increased their compaints of misrule…

The Orb has been lost for over 300 years. But is rumored to temper a King’s Rights with an awareness of his resposibilities…

The Crown Jewels

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