Tanith`s Dream: Mikka disappears

Tanith finds himself on a plain, with clouds blowing fiercely across.
in the distance there is a meadow. recognized as a place he has been before.
sees a flash of a wolf pack in the meadow.
pile of rocks to see whats the wolves are doing
know what he is doing, seem to communicate with their brains

when called they scatter, then one returns.
stopped about 200m away, but when Tanith drops down the wolf is much closer.
knows what he is saying, but cant respond, motions to follow.

walk through the forest, wolves pace with her.
strange rocks look like limestone, or sandstone, but much harder.
establish that yes and no questions are okay.

rocks are a geyser of glassy stone-ness
wolf leads him to a barrel of stone (like a big wave)
it and all the wolves howl… and howl and howl, and flames burst from the mouths of the wolves and it joins in to a flaming ferret (like Mikka)

as they descend into the cave, bees swarm from the back of the cave… something is wrong with them, but they may not attack.

Tanith hides, and the bees pass and the wolves disappear, Tanith goes through the tunnel and meets a Roc, who is cryptic and aggravating. some distance has been traveled and Tanith finds himself facing the sea with mountains behind him.
he walks down to the sand dunes, and the Roc rises from sea, and lets Tanith ride on his back.
The Roc flaps its wings and reality is blown away. they fly through the air and travel for sometime and distance, then land in the same place, but now Tanith has a direction and purpose to find Mikka. He finds himself in a forest, that feels really familiar. Very similar to his home, but the ambiance is dead, it is memory only.
The wolf reappears. and motions for Tanith to follow.
comes to a clearing where Tanith met Mikka, the Roc returns now smaller and the size of the wolf.
“wheres Mikka?”
“Prove yourself”

Tanith tries to recall what he had been doing and sits down on a rock and listens to the forest but it is silent.
understands that he must follow his own path but needs Mikka`s help.
Wolf is convinced, Roc not.
Roc changes in to Tanith`s father, armed with ill intent.
Meadow feels to large to escape from.
“how did you find me?”
father says nothing and moves towards him.
“I`m not going back”
Father is unmoved, and keeps approaching.
Tanith flails and says “I`m not going”
Father pummel strikes him and is going to execute him.
Tanith rolls away and hits his father, he drops his sword, and Tanith moves away, and the father grabs him, he escapes and casts Avenging Light. knocked to the ground, Tanith takes his sword and is about to kill him and asks him again “what do you want from me?” casting Avenging Light again, blasting him down to his face, Tanith asks again “what do you want?” the wolves come close and motion that Tanith should kill him. Tanith refuses. His father returns to the shape of the Roc and it and the wolf leave. moments later Mikka returns.

Tanith wakes to Felsproket`s scream of “KOBOLDS!”



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