Raiders in Roville - It All Begins

Raiders have attacked Roville during the night and the party finds themselves separated.
  1. Lalli, Katrina, and Tanith ask for details in Roville’s K’orea Town. Katrina is told by the K’orean abalone-diving women that the raiders attacked town because the Mayor of Roville, Katrina’s father, chose to support the “wrong side”.
  2. The whereabouts of Bryag and Felsproket are currently unknown.
  3. Tanith stole some abalone.
The party of 3 head to City Hall via the Cannery and Rong Beach.
  1. The Canneryfolk are trying to recover from the raid and get back to canning.
  2. Rong Beach is more torn-up than usual. The raiders burnt large portions of it.
  3. Arriving at City Hall, the party of 3 speak to the mayor’s secretary. She’s of no help, but seems interested in Tanith — who is terrified.
  4. The Mayor says that it was the House of Westril that attacked using goons gathered from small towns. The Mayor is supporting the House of Amer in return for a castle and his new secretary. The state of town being assessed. There has been no word from Maribu.
The party heads to Maribu. It has been leveled with the exception of the Mayor’s Wife’s (MW) house.
  1. The guards are in shock.
  2. The MW’s house has seen a lot of traffic. Conchetta tell the party that the raiders din’t plan to take anyone, but did anyway. The MW was nailed by a bunch of the raiders cuz she’s a big ol’ ho. The raiders were about 300 horsemen strong as well as a number of recruited villagers from outlying towns. The raiders took all of the young women between the ages of 16 and 24 as well as some men.
  3. The raiders destroyed Maribu because the mayor is from there. The MW’s house wasn’t destroyed because she was “busy”.
  4. Tanith steals a kitchen knife.
The party returns to City Hall.
  1. Some of the captured raiders were interrogated. The party learns which direction the raiders came from and receive a general description of the recruiter.
  2. The party fails to acquire horses from the mayor, but Lalli was able to backdoor the secretary.
The party leaves Roville and follows the raiders’ tracks to a small fishing village.
  1. The party learns from the village elder that the raiders have set up a camp outside the town. The man in charge was Sir Hartochat, son of the Earl of Paib.
  2. Lalli goes to the Han Walen music store to have his lute repaired in exchange for the stolen abalone. The owner of the store, Edvard “Whammy Bar” Walen, lends Lalli his enchanted lute to use in the meantime.
  3. The party goes to the town bar, which is also run by the village elder. Lalli recounts The Battle of the Stairway to Inifikeep to the elder while Katrina and Tanith interpret it through dance. There was much rejoicing.
  4. Lalli returns the enchanted lute to “Whammy Bar” and receives his repaired lute. The party leaves for the raiders’ camp.
At the Camp:
  1. Tanith’s familiar, Mikka, scouts the camp and confirms the capture of Felsproket and Bryag. The two are emprisoned in 4ft X 4ft cages.
  2. Mikka then bites one of the horses in the corral, provoking it to flip the fuck out and throw that portion of the camp into disarray.
  3. Lalli and Katrina walk through the front gate of camp during the confusion. Lalli asks the guards if he can join the raiders because the Mayor of Roville is the jerk-face who killed his dad. Katrina offers to sleep with the guards.
  4. The guards will allow Lalli to join if he can calm down the horses.



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