Felsprocket`s Fever Dream

- Felsprocket had been unconscious, convulsing and a rather odd colour in Lalli`s bag…

- Felsprocket wakes to find himself in a misty forest and sees a figure in the distance. He approaches a shadowy figure in the distance who turns out to be Jaspar, a woman with long dark hair.

- She seems rather unimpressed by his stature and so Felsprocket intimdates her by calling up dual fireballs that burst into columns and incinerate the ENTIRE F’$%ing FOREST until all that remains is the charred remains of tree stumps and the chimney stack of her former home. Slightly intimidated, and pissed that her home is destroyed now, she asks him what information he seeks…

- Felsprocket asks for information about obtaining a demon minion, and is told that there is a magic artifact he must find. It is an artifact from gnomish origin, the Gelthrung, and it can be found on the Shadowfell.

- Felsprocket heads to the nearby town of Asagao to seek someone who knows more information. Jaspar points him in the direction of the tavern were he finds the oldest man in the universe sitting alone.

- The man is insane and deaf and doesnt seem to be much use at all. Intimidation fails, but Felsprocket watches the things that the old man is drawing on the counter and discerns a map amoung the patterns. Its a map to the place where this item he seeks will be found. Jaspar is commanded to lead the Tiny Master to the mountains on the map. As they are leaving, the old man calls to Felsprocket wait! you forgot something!. He turns back to find a pouch sitting on the counter containing 6 bones. He remembers that these bones are actually keys to the Shadowfell to be used in various ways… Thank God the meeting with the old man is over since he was slightly infuriating.

- The 6 keys are all represented by different aspects of Felsprocket himself.

- Felsprocket and Jaspar start the walk towards the Windy Valley, towards the mountains where the item will be.
They come to a fork in the path and Jaspar requires that Felsprocket chooses the path. He chooses the path up into the mountains rather than the :easy: path to the left.

- They walk for a while until they find a hill that looks somewhat like a face. Felsprocket approaches cautiously and is told a story by Jaspar about giants that used to roam this country but who have not been seen for a great many years.

- He approaches the giant and shouts a greeting. Its MASSIVE, but he demands information from it
anyway are we really surprised?. The giant gives some curious answers and Felsprocket begins to wonder about the realm in which he stands… is it corporeal?
Felsprocket realises that the giant he is speaking to is one of the giants that the group had met previously in the mountains, and that the bar was the same as the one they had previously visited. The old man was his great-grandfather, and Jaspar is the apprentice from when he was in the Crimson Tower.
Felsprocket becomes a poet `this place is a patchwork quilt of my memories…`

- The Tiny Master starts to suspect that the dream realm is being manipulated from someone on the outside world, but he knows not who. He has a lovely little existential chat with the giant, and then he and Jaspar continue up the hill.

- Moving with purpose now he sets off across the mountains, but he gets the sensation that someone is pushing him back or changing his course. He started questioning Jaspar about why she was still there….
She explained that she was a part of his consciousness that he couldnt let go. He had left her as an apprentice but he assured her that she had been trained well and could look after herself in the real world. With that reassurance, she disappeared, and Felsprocket felt a small part of himself feel more at ease.

- He continues and the mountains seem to have changed and it seems like he can concentrate on it more. There is still a wrongness and he heads towards it, still with the feeling that someone else is in control of the dream.

- He sees a figure on the mountain and he knows with certainty that the wrongness is because of that person. Felsprocket approaches and accuses the cloaked figure of not belonging in the realm.

The figure begins speaking about demons and states that Felsprocket needs his help to obtain one.
Felsprocket claims that he is worthy as he has shattered the dream illusion and found the keys, but the figure replies `you have not yet escaped….`
… to which Felsprocket shouts `DEFEAT HIM!!`. … a fight ensues.


- The smoke clears at the figure stands there revealed as a skeleton. Impressed, but not defeated.

- Felsprocket becomes demanding and whiney. He becomes intimidating, and while the skeleton is not actually intimidated he is impressed at Felsprocket`s efforts. Felsprocket starts showing off all his skills and the skeleton seems mildly impressed (although certainly not by his stature).

- The skeleton deems Felsprocket knowledgeable and on his way towards learning the skills required to be a demon master, but no cigar as yet.

- At this point Felsprocket wakes up and finds himself in the middle of the group`s camp while they are cooking breakfast. He wakes with a jolt and yells `KOBOLDS!!!!` Mikka bites him in mild surprise.

- Felsprocket tries to incinerate Mikka and fails.

- He looks at the keys and is disappointed to see that theyre all the same size… the old man truly was annoying. So was Felsprocket`s grandfather, so its not really that surprising.
The Tiny Master starts to try and figure out which key is the first.



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